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"Safer Beauty is one of the fastest-growing industries in America today. Learn how you can set yourself apart by educating your clients on the importance of cleaner products and offer them a safer solution."

Before SBB Certification

The average stylist works


Days A Week


People A Day


Clients A Week

Let’s say the average cost of a haircut is $50.

40 x $50 = $2,000/week

Add an additional $10 to your haircut service

After SBB Certification

40 x $60 = $2,400/week

$1,600 more a month

$19,200 more annually

  • Increase visibility as a stylist and a salon.

  • Leverage this certification or knowledge to attract new clients.

  • Offer exclusive services and products that differentiate your brand in a competitive market.

  • Increase revenues by up to 40% due to leverage

  • Provide the latest trends and techniques that appeal to becoming a healthier you.

  • Create brand loyalty with your customers that are seeking education on safer products that help protect their health.

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